Hot Wheels Knex Ramp

Introduction: Hot Wheels Knex Ramp

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Welcome all! To the 4th instructable! I'm changing things up a using Hot wheel tracks and knex as a combination!!!! For those of you who have Hot wheels tracks, this would be great for you! No more stands because knex ramp is here! Good luck and try your best! Oh and one more thing, I just thought of the idea so there won't be any parts list. Just make sure you have enough pieces to do this. Hopefully I do also:) Good luck guys!

Step 1: Car Holder

You will need a hot wheels car to measure how big it needs to be. Mine looks like this. If you want to do it, go ahead. The back red piece is the entrance gate.

Step 2: The Base of the Ramp

Step 3: Bottom of the Ramp

Step 4: Middle Section

Step 5: Back Part

Step 6: Holders

One at the back and one at the front

Step 7: Back Holder

It is suppose to tip a little if your wondering.

Step 8: Car Holder + Stand

(Sorry if the room got in the pic. This is big!) Anywho, hope you enjoyed this! I took off one of the red pieces for the front of the car holder because it would be easier with 1 red piece. Now you can connect any kind of track system to the Hot wheels knex ramp! You can even build 2 of these and race your friends!

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