Higher and Lower

Introduction: Higher and Lower

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Higher and lower is a game I created while waiting for my friends to finish playing war... That's what I get for sucking so much at war... But anyways it's a one-player card game that is simple yet still uses some skill. So enjoy and like if you like it.

Step 1: Required Items

1. Deck of playing cards (without jokers) 2. A little bit of space 3. Time to kill

Step 2: Shuffle and Setup

Shuffle the cards however possible. Then deal the top two cards side by side. On the left put the lower value card and the higher value card on the right. If the cards are the same or an ace put them back and redeal.

Step 3: Play!

Take the top card off the deck. You can only place a card on the left deck if it is HIGHER or the same number, and on the right you can only place LOWER or the same number. Hence the name 'Higher or Lower'.

Step 4: Exceptions

One of the exceptions are placing a card of the same suit. If I have a 3 of diamonds on the right and I pull a nine of diamonds, then I have the option to put it on there to bring the side I have to put lower on to a higher number. The other is the ace. Aces reset the pile you put them on to make it either the highest or lowest. You only get four of these, so use them wisely!

Step 5: When You Can't Play

When you can't play a card (higher, lower, same suit, or ace) then you have to take a strike. This game follows the '3 strikes and you're out' rule. I mean it can, or you can keep playing until you finish the deck and then however many strikes you have is your score. When you have a strike all you do is place it above the two piles like in the picture I've included.

Step 6: My Personal Records

My personal worst is 6 strikes and my best is 1 strike. Comment and let me know what your worst and best is, especially if its better or worse than mine!

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