Hanging Target for My Pellet Gun

Introduction: Hanging Target for My Pellet Gun

I got this idea recently after my dad found his old pellet gun in the garage, I thought it would make a nice welding project for the MIG welder.

Tools Needed
MIG welder
Metabo (or something to cut)

assorted metal is needed also, I used some 1/2 inch rod and a 5x5 plate that were both in my garage.

These tools (or there equivalents) are available for use at TechShop


Step 1: Cutting the Metal Down

The rod I had in the garage was obviously too long for this small project. So I figured out how tall I wanted the target to be, and how wide the legs should be apart. Then I cut out each piece and laid them out to see what my project would look like.

After I had all of the pieces I needed, I welded 2 washers on the top of the plate, and then welded up the frame. This allows the target to swing when it is hit, absorbing some of the impact and directing the pellet downward.

Step 2: Paint It Up How You Choose

After the welds were cooled, I cleaned them up with the grinder so they were smoother. Then I took the frame and plate and sprayed them blue. After the base of blue was dry, I painted red dots as the target area using a stencil pattern. This is what I chose as a target, but the possibilities are endless.

After its dry you are ready to shoot!

Remember to be careful when operating any type of firearm, even the pellet gun, and never use it around other people or animals.

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