Introduction: Glide4Baby10

Glide4Baby10 is a basic glide/portamento circuit with PCB made in DIY Layout Creator
First things first : Original circuit schematic can be found in this post at
You can find all project files and updates at the Github Repository


  • 1x R1,100K 250mW
  • 1 x R2, 1K2 250mW
  • 1 x R3,1K 250mW
  • 1 x C1, 100nF Film Capacitor (0.1u K63)
  • 1 x LM358
  • 1 x Copper board

Step 1: Original Schematic

The original schematic

Step 2: Modified Schematic and Breadboard Time

I made a couple of modifications that worked for my Baby-10 sequencer project
The modified circuit was breadboarded and worked like a charm 👍
  • I replaced the TL072 Op-Amp with an LM358 which resulted in a less noisy output signal.
  • I replaced the 1uF electrolytic capacitor C1 for a 0.1 uF K63 film capacitor for better and well defined gliding voltage-range output.

Step 3: Pcb and Silkscreen (made With DIY Layout Creator)

The bottom copper pcb and the silkscreen are both reversed and etching ready :)

Actually the only thing I can brag for is the actual PCB that I crafted myself as a personal learning tutorial on DIY Layout Creator

You can find all project files and updates at the Github Repository

Step 4: Etching

Tried to slightly reduce the etching surface for faster etching time

Step 5: Final PCB

... and it worked !

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