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Introduction: Folding Hanging Work-table

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The spring came so I decided to refresh my room’s interior.

I’ve thrown out my old couch and then, while waiting for delivery of the new one, I decided to paint up the walls. I’ve also come to idea to create a work-table. Since the apartment I have is quite small, and the room is only 11 square meters, I decided to create a folding table.

And this is what came out of it:

Step 1:

I picked two boards sized 28x600x1200 mm and 28x600x1600 mm, at prices of 25 and 30 euro, bought cable steering, bolts, nuts, clamps, hinges, screws, three turnbuckle and anchor for the walls (total sum is about 30 euros) and a long square bar 50x50x2000 mm (5 euros). All was about as previous.

Step 2:

I sawed square bar into three parts so that the walls curve for the same reason, one had to file sheets. For attachment to the walls and ceiling, I used the anchor. Slings are regulated by a turnbuckle.

Step 3:

The shield is attached with hinges. Nothing complicated. Everything is very simple and reliable. The maximum weight for which I checked is 100 kilogram.

Step 4:

I’m sure there’s no sense to explain how to design this structure. Yet, while working, I realised that you can also make a similar table folding down. This can be assembled using the shorter parts and hinges to make longer ones.  

Step 5:

I hope you'll find this useful.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    One of the best ideas I've seen. So simple and yet so do-able. Thanks.

    This looks like an awesome idea! How do you get it to stay in the up position?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, I tried to make it all very simple. Hook on the wall and entire structure tacked on the carbine.

    In first I thought the these two board connect using latch. So climb of one of them would raise are both. But since in fact I need lifted only one long part, I dropped that idea. (: