Introduction: FREE DiY Hydro SETUP

This is a cheap and easy to start your hydro-garden. You'll need to rummage around the house for some items: 1 bottle/bottles 2 sponge 3 plant 4 cloth / absorbent fabric 1"x6" (optional) 5 scissors This costed me ZeR0 dollars to make. Just some patience and creativity. All i did really was recycle stuff i already had.

Step 1: Step 1

***Before you begin make sure your seedlings are ready to be put in the bottle before you take it out the soil. The transition should be as smooth as possible. Be cool don't hurt the ladies. **** Grab the bottle wash it and find the sponge Measure a square inch (eyeball it) or a square that has the same width as the bottles diameter

Step 2: Step 2

Cut a slit from the center of the sponge cube out to the side so we can slide a stem in between the sponge.

Step 3: Step 3

Add water Insert the stem between the sponge Insert into bottle. *** USELESS INFO SKIP CONTIENUE TO NEXT STEP IF YOU LIKE**** if you want to add food coloring to the water, or nutrients now would be the time once you put the stem in the bottle its hard to pour in through the sponge. Also if your roots dont extend far enough that optional fabric can be used as a way to help the water up to the short roots. Lastly if you want to add a hole to vent out the air cut a hole into the upper neck portion of the bottle. If its glass use a circular diamond bit i had one lying around. If your container is plastic use a nail screw hot bobby pin... Whatever works. Or if you have one run a straw down the spout if the bottle it may work i've no straws to test the hypothesis.

Step 4: Step 4

Put it somewhere... If you need more info or questions on drilling glass let me know i'll do an ible on that.

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