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Introduction: Equalizer Art (Artqualizer)

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Boom Boom Boom shake it shake it... hear that beat? I hear it, i have always heard it it flows through me.

Getting serious now, this is a little project i put together because i love the way equalizers look. i dint know why i just do. and since i already have a homemade led equalizer on my wall i figured i would make a little art for some of the bare space on my other wall. 
This is just art and does not actually move to the beat. 

But maybe just maybe if you imagine hard enough it just might move to the beat.

Step 1: Materials

Simple materials 

one frame (mine had a cardboard backing)
one piece of paper (if your frame doesn't have a backing)
one recycled magazine (shredded into strips, i used a ....you guessed it....paper shredder )
glue stick 

Step 2: Start the Awesomeness

What you want to do is line up you first piece of shredded paper with the inside edge of the frame so you know where a good place to start is.

Step 3: Make That Beat Flow

Then simply by adding strips while leaving a little gap between each one you can make the look of a moment in time caught by an equalizer.

A little thing i learned from this is that when gluing the magazine strips its much easier to stand the glue stick up and glue each end of the strip 

Step 4: Boom Goes the Bass

Put the frame back on.
And your done. 

enjoy your Artqualizer

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