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Introduction: Easy Mini Paper Rose

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In this tutorial I’ll show how to create paper flower rose. Paper flowers are great for decorating a space and is much cheaper and long lasting than real flowers. This red paper rose is perfect for a valentine themed décor. Learning how to make paper rose can make or save you tons of cash. A diy paper rose can be quite pricey depending on the size and paper used. Anyone can learn how to make paper flowers with this super easy to follow paper flower tutorial.

Step 1: Make Cardstock Square

Take 3 sheets of cardstock, cut them square and then fold triangular.

See video for full details.

Step 2: Adjust Sizes

Take 2 of the 3 triangular shape and cut one at 1cm and the other at 2cm.

See video for full details.

Step 3: Mark Base and Roll Petals

Mark the bases of the shapes at 1" then cut from the mark all the way up to the end rounding the corners. Then use a round object (glue stick) to roll the ends.

See video for full details.

Step 4: Assemble Rose

Using a glue gun assemble your rose.

See video for full details.

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    3 years ago

    Nice project, easy to understand instructions. However the name is misleading as these are not mini roses, they are standard size.