Easy Black Widow Stinger Glove

Introduction: Easy Black Widow Stinger Glove

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This instructible will show you how to make the tazer glove for black widow from the avengers. You will need: a black glove, black duct tape, poster board, chrome spray paint, and scissors or an x-acto knife.

Step 1: Make the Tubes

Take your poster board and cut out six rectangles that are 4"-1". Take a pencil and roll them into tubes. Then cut three pieces of tape and tape the ends and middle shut. Then, close the rest of the gaps and cover the entire tube in duct tape. Repeat with the other five. Next, take six pencils and run them through the tubes. Use a spare piece of styrofoam and jab each pencil inside. Then give them a nice coat of chrome.

Step 2: Build the Glove

Take your measuring tape and measure around your wrist. Then cut two strips of tape that are that long and put them together sticky side touching to make one non-sticky strip. Tape this to the glove as shown. There should be a small gap at the side of your wrist. Cut a strip of tape and fold ofer the end so you have a non-sticky lip and attach it to the glove.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Take your tubes(after they've dried) an hot glue three on the top, and three on the bottom. You're finished. Now go fight some aliens after learning a Russian accent.

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