Display Jewelry and Ship It in the Same Container!

Introduction: Display Jewelry and Ship It in the Same Container!

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I made some jewelry that I wanted to send to my friend about 80 miles away for her consignment shop. I needed my own display and be able to ship it. After looking around at home this jewelry display case is what I came up with.

Step 1: What Do I Need?

Here's what you'll need:

A pizza box.
Just the top part you don't want a bunch of grease in your final product. This will be the frame/outside of your display
It has to be free of anything over the top of it. I had to scrape off the styrofoam I used because one side had this paint layer on it. Same thing if you use convience store cups, the ink has to be scraped off first. You will need enough for your display and to make glue. You can use this just about anywhere; it ends up incredibly thick so keep that in mind.

Acetone: This is for your styrofoam glue. Acetone is with the paint thinners at the hardware store. I have included an image of what I used. You will need the big container just to be safe.

Foam: I used this thick foam I picked up at a fabric store from a display, several inches thick, for the interior parts.

Carpet foam: This was rolled up, glued together and covered in fabric for the ring display parts.

Random matching fabric: No need to buy new, just use scraps

Hot glue gun: for fabric

Then make two rectangles for your outside part of the container, cover in fabric and put into the rectangles the pieces of display you need, fill, close, wrap and ship!

Step 2:

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