Design Your PCB Using Sprint Layout 2020 With New Updates

Introduction: Design Your PCB Using Sprint Layout 2020 With New Updates

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Most of the electronic lover make electronic circuits using different methods. sometimes we need to make PCB for get proper output and reduce noises and compact finish. these days we have a lot of Softwares to design own PCB. But the problem is most of the software advance and that most beginners not try to make PCB design for their projects.

Step 1: Install Sprint Layout

First, you download the zip file and extract it to any location you want. Now open and run setup.exe and don't launch app.then you open update.exe and install that the same location.

Now you double click and open Sprint-Layout software.

Step 2: Let's Know About Workspace

  1. toolbar
  2. holes, path sizes changer
  3. layer changer
  4. Design Board
  5. Macros ( parts library )
  6. footprint display

1. Toolbar

  • use dis tools for draw paths,move parts,draw zones,checking connection and view your design.

2. Size change

  • you can change any of the holes sizes, space, path width, etc.

3. Layer changer

  • These tools used for change drawing layers like the top, bottom, outline, top silkscreen, and bottom silkscreen.

4.Design Board

  • Design Board is a PCB drawing place that you can draw, move, rotate your parts.

5. Macros

  • this is the footprint can easily find lot of parts if you need.

6. Footprint display.

  • If you selected any part, you can see that footprint drag and draw to board.

Step 3: Download Links & Error Fix

Sprint Layout - Click Here

Fix Print to PDF in win 10 - Click Here

New Updated Tutorial - Click Here

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    Question 8 months ago on Step 3

    How do I design two layer board with Sprint Layout?