Death Korps of Krieg

Introduction: Death Korps of Krieg

This is my simple take on a Death Korps of Krieg Grenadier.


GP-5 gas mask (do not use the filter it comes with, it contains asbestos)

Corrugated plastic or cardboard

3D printer if you want to make the lasgun (file I bought)

If making lasgun: Dark walnut wood stain, metallic grey spray paint, gold paint, plastic figure glue.

Overcoat I used

Gloves (I got the sage ones)

Boots: Any work/tactical style boots I have interceptors

Plain white construction helmet and black spray paint

Glue gun

Vacuum hose (One that screws into the masks threads)

Step 1: Modifying the Gasmask

I stenciled a rectangular piece of the plastic over one side of the mask and traced that one onto a second piece. This got me two decently symmetrical pieces that I attached with tape so that they bend onto the face of the mask easier.

Step 2: Creating the Lasgun

I bought the 3D files for the lasgun and printed them. I connected the pieces using plastic glue and the pins that the files had.

After connecting the pieces I put a layer of plain white primer over it and then stained the stock. It took about a week and a half for the stain to fully dry on the plastic. After that I covered the stock with plastic wrap and spray painted the rest of the gun metallic grey. After it dried I used gold acrylic paint and lightly brushed gold onto the Aquila.

Step 3: Suit Up and Last Notes

I did not end up having enough time to connect the faceplate to the mask but I'm sure with a little extra time and research I would have come up with a solution.

All you need to do now is get all your gear on and your ready to serve the emperor!

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