DIY RGB Cooling Fan




Introduction: DIY RGB Cooling Fan

Hii Friends

I Made RGB PC Fan for Pc Cabinet for decoration from DIY Kits.

You Can also make for you very easily home

Step 1: Required Components for Making This

1st we need a Old or New CPU Fan, RGB led (ws2812b)and Arduino Nano for Making This.

Step 2: Remove Proppler

Open propeller from the coil

Step 3: Attach LED Strips Inside the Circle

Step 4: PCB DESIGNING for Next Projects

Now as we have developed our circuit and ordering it. For ordering PCB, I would prefer you NextPCB which is a great website for ordering custom PCB with high quality and precision on time delivery. Ordering PCB online in various sites are a step towards developing our own circuit. NextPCB provides very easy and fast delivery of PCB in different masks and paste with professional look. Also, they send you the picture of your PCB before shipping it to you, Now that very exciting….The Gerber File for the PCB is given below. You can simply download the Gerber File and order the PCB from :Gerber Viewer of NextPCB

to get your discount: NextPCB

Step 5: Sanded Propeller Outside for Smooth Movement

Step 6: Paint the Proppler

Step 7: Connect the Led With Arduino and Upload Code

Step 8: Add 12v Power Supply and Use It

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    Question 1 year ago

    If you were to leave the connector of the rgb strip on, could you just plug that in to the rgb header on a MOBO?


    Answer 1 year ago

    yes it works like that.


    1 year ago

    This is AMAZING! Personally your computer would look an absolute disco compared to mine! :)