DIY Christmas Candle Holder

Introduction: DIY Christmas Candle Holder

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Christmas is coming and it’s time for the room decorations.

Today I will show how to make a DIY Christmas Candle Holder. You can also give it as a Handmade Christmas gift. This 3d Paper Quilling Santa Claus is very cute looking and decorative and it will glow your home in this Christmas. The best part of this Quilling craft Showpiece is that You don’t need to spend lots of money. This Quilling Christmas Candle Holder is a great addition to your home decor and gives a special holiday feel. It’s a nice way to greet your guests and make your house even more welcoming. This craft is so beautiful that will enhance the Christmas decoration.


Things you need ...

1. Cardboard

2. Quilling Paper

3.Quilling Tools

4. White glue


6. Plastic Gems

7. Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Cardboard Base

Make a cardboard base with an old piece of cardboard. Cover it with glittering paper....

Step 2: Making the Santa

Take 25 Quilling Strips and make a coil...and give it shape...

Step 3: Making the Santa's Hat

for making the Santa's hat you need to join 7 quilling strips.....and give it shape as its shown in picture...

Step 4: Attach the Parts

After making the body parts... I am going to use the Hot Glue Gun to attached it...

Step 5: Quilling Santa

Our Santa Clause is ready...

Step 6: Quilling Leaves

Making some Quilling Leaves according to your base size...

Step 7: Let's Decor the Base

Place the candle and the quilling leaves as its shown in the pictures...

Step 8: Finally

DIY Christmas Candle Holder is ready...Its look so adorable and I am sure that it will enhance the Christmas Spirit...

Wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

Thank you so much...

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    1 year ago on Step 8

    I would use a fake candle with this as there is too much paper being used and I believe it to be a fire hazard.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank You so much and Merry Christmas....