Customizing a Kindle Cover With a Laser Machine

Introduction: Customizing a Kindle Cover With a Laser Machine

Customizing a kindle cover with a laser machine

Step 1: Decision

I have a Kindle with a smooth leather cover... But for me it was not good enough, something was missing, so I decided to try it out and try to personalize using a laiser machine...

Step 2: Drawing

So I decided to put a simple carbon atom on the front ... just to know how it would look and if the cover would be damaged or not...

(file at the end of publication)

Step 3: Making

So i configure the machine and the file and tested in some piece of mdf...

I noticed that it would be good and so I performed the procedure on the cover itself...

Step 4: Final Project...

And this was the final result of the project.

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(the file is in the .rar folder)

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