Make Your Own Trash Assemblage



Introduction: Make Your Own Trash Assemblage

About: An SFSU alumni fine arts major, seeking for something that doesn't pressure me to get a passing grade.

So after creating my first Instructable Make Art with Trash, I started making doing more stuff with an empty paper toilet roll. 

Instead of using crayons, I used oil pastels and made the same pattern like I did on the paper bag. The pastels I used have a creamy smooth consistency, so I was able to smooth out the square pattern with my fingers and made an entire pattern on the outer roll, which turned out to be pretty nice.

But after that was done, I considered using plastic wrap as another medium to add to my trash collection. But where would I find plastic wrap?

Step 1: Plastic As Part of My Work

So one day, I was waiting for a video game to arrive on my doorstep and finally got my copy of Fortune Street, to which I opened the packaging and thought it would be a good idea to use the plastic wrap that was sealing the game I bought. 

It would be a nice thought of not having to throw away more plastic in the trash when you're already throwing it away in a plastic garbage bag.

Step 2: Painting on Plastic

At first, I wanted to make a Rorschach-like pattern onto the plastic, but I then hesitated and proceed to use my bare hands to smudge the entire wrap.

Unfortunately, I had a series of pictures of what my hands looked like after finishing with the rest of the plastic, but one of my cameras lost it's data in the transfer. So always remember to use the non-corrupted camera to document your art work.

As for smudging my bare hands in oil paint, I would consider a caution to wash your hands immediately if you are going to finger paint with oil-based paints.

Step 3: And Now You Have Your Own Trash Assemblage

I have created my own works of art that did not require any driving to a store, buying a canvas that was probably made in a factory, then shipped to the store to be bought by people also transporting themselves with cars using fuel and money, blargh! and such mess to make a painting or drawing.

You can still be creative and help reduce landfills by recycling trash as art and there's no limit to what you can apply it to, whether it be using crayons, acrylic or oil paint, or a pencil for all it matters.

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