Cordless Wipper Snipper Battery Upgrade

Introduction: Cordless Wipper Snipper Battery Upgrade

Upgraded battery pack from cheap 1800mAh Lion pack to allow 4000mAh Makita battery packs

Now I can do the whole property on one charge.

Used the semi useless torch as an adapter

Wired though cable from the faulty battery to the contacts for the Makita battery

Simple but effective

Step 1: ..more Battery Adapters

More battery adapters made
Got a box of Dewalt batteries and managed to make 6 good packs out of them
Used the red cap at the adapter plate and added battery connection
As the Dewalt battery packs have no mosfet to disconnect battery internally any power supply set to 21v will charge them. . Generally I set current limit to 2amps

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    6 years ago

    Awesome! I'm thinking of doing this but am leaning towards just getting a Makita string trimmer instead, since it is probably a nicer tool overall compared to the old trimmer