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Introduction: Control Your Computer With Your Head!

About: Hi, I'm Johan Link

Hi, I created a system that allows you to control your computer's mouse just by moving your head.

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Why I made this?

I wanted to make an object that makes video games more realistic. However, I wanted to be as simple as possible, you don't need to have good knowledge of electronics and soldering to do this project. I created this system to play games easier, this system is very intuitive. The head of the character in your video game makes the same movement as your head in real life.

My system is useful for playing video games, but this system could be used to make life easier for people with disabilities who can not use their hands. However, it would be necessary to improve my system so that we can use the buttons of the mouse. (Tell me in the comments if you have an idea to improve my project ;) ).

Thanks to offer electronic components for my projects

Step 1: How It Works?

The electronic system contains two important elements. It contains a gyroscope and a microcontroller. The gyroscope measures the tilt of your head and transfer the data to the microcontroller. Then the microcontroller emulates a computer mouse and transmits the information to your computer that will move the mouse. The system emulates a mouse, but you can still use your real mouse at the same time as you play.

Step 2: How to Use It?

It's really easy to use. With a rubber band, attach the electronic system to your favorite cap. Then plug a USB extension between your computer and the electronic system. Then move your head and the mouse should move.

Step 3: Materials

That's the material you need to make this object:

  1. A gyroscope - MPU 9265.
  2. An Arduino - ATMega 32U4.
  3. Two small screws (see pictures), I recovered these screws in an old printers.
  4. A soldering iron.
  5. A screwdriver.
  6. Some wires.
  7. A 3D printer.

Step 4: The Electronic Circuit

The circuit is really simple.

ATMega 32U4 | MPU

3.3v ------------------ VCC

GND ----------------- GND

SDA(D2) ------------ SDA

SCL(D3) ------------ SCL

Step 5: How to Assemble It?

First build the electronic circuit then print the case. Then it's very simple, place the circuit in the box then screw the two small screws.

Step 6: How to Program It?

I didn't realize the entire code, my code is based on a code I found here.

You can program the ATMega32U4 like any Arduino. Download my code then upload it on the Arduino with the Arduino program.

Lines 190 and 191 of the program are important. On line 190 you can change the sensitivity of the sensor, the more you write a big number, the faster the mouse will be. On line 191 you must indicate the orientation of the electronic system. Watch the picture.

I hope you liked my project. I speak French, so sorry for the English mistakes in this Instructable.

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    4 years ago

    Say, is that phantom forces in the background?

    Anyways, great instructable, I would love to try this sometime when I have the money/materials.

    Johan Link
    Johan Link

    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes, it's phantom forces in the background.


    4 years ago

    Great gamer's device! I would like to try it )))

    What degree do you have to turn your head left (or right) in order your game character would turn 180? Do you see the screen well when your character turned 180? Can you turn your character 360?

    Johan Link
    Johan Link

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for the comment ;)

    It all depends on the sensitivity of the mouse, you can change this parameter on line 190 of the code. (by default: mouseSensitivity = 10) If you increase this number, the character of the game will turn his head faster. Currently when I turn the head 45 degrees, the character turns his head 90 degrees. However, each game is different so the setting(mouseSensitivity = 10) must be changed for each game.

    I hope I helped you :)