Clay or Sugru Joystick for Tablets/phones/idevices

Introduction: Clay or Sugru Joystick for Tablets/phones/idevices

Step 1: Things Youl Need

this is my first instuctable please critisize I'm sorry if I did something wrong please comment........things you need sugru or clay (I used clay) toilet paper a science of humor and patients thank you

Step 2: Build the Body Like This

sorry I made it again with the same playdouh clay sorry for bad quality I'm taking this width my tabs front cam

Step 3: TP Time

OK get tp fold in in half and again and cut into a circle the size of the bottom of the clay thing I put a small drop of water so it would bind with the clay (last pic)

Step 4: Last Step Here Comes the Patients Part

since I used clay I have to wait a day or two yipee!!!! not well for sugru 2-3 hours well oh and to use this you have to get it a little tiny bit wet on the bottom of the tp you don't need a lot you can even use saliva all you need is a drop thanks and leave comments

Step 5: UPDATE

wrap it in to I used 9 sheets ant put tape over the top and it makes it more responsive here's a pic ( optional) and the thing on the bottom is a half a qtip for better grip and stability and durability

Step 6: Againg Contest

I'm entering this in craft contest please vote

Step 7: New Step

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