Cigar Box Mandolin Stand

Introduction: Cigar Box Mandolin Stand

Step 1: Find Wooden Cigar Box

Step 2: Cut Box Horizontally for Front Ledge of Stand

Step 3: Mark Sides of Box to Cut Out

Step 4: Cut Out Sides

Step 5: Glue Pieces of Sides or Blocks of Wood to Inside Bottom Where Cut Out

Step 6: Glue Front Lid Ledge Where Locks Into Hardware

Step 7: Cut Glue and Screw Small Thin Block of Wood to Back at Hinges to Stop Lid

Step 8: Cut and Glue Mandolin Body Bracket to Inside Top Edge of Lid

Step 9: Let Glue Cure and Sand All Edges and Glue Excess

Step 10: Wipe Down Clean All Areas of Box

Step 11: Spray Paint Do Artwork to Outside of Box (leave Inside Natural Color, or However Prefer)

Step 12: Let Dry Sand Touch Up

Step 13: Final Product

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