Chocolate Dipped Mallow Pops

Introduction: Chocolate Dipped Mallow Pops

These are great for birthday parties or even bake sales. A great edible craft activity for kids who will love decorating to their own design!


Extra-large marshmallows

Chocolate bars


Candy sprinkles

Edible ink pens

Step 1: Preparing the Skewers.

Push two marshmallows on to a skewer, leaving some skewer showing at the top if you are adding a message. Take care, and help/supervise younger kids.

Step 2: Covering in Chocolate.

Melt some chocolate by breaking a bar into pieces in a microwaveable jug/bowl. Melt in the microwave in 20 second bursts.

Step 3: The Messy Bit!

When completely melted, spoon the chocolate over the mallows to completely cover them.

Step 4: Decorating!

Whilst the chocolate is still soft, cover in sprinkles. Lay the skewers over a tray so that the edges of the tray keep the mallows off the base of the tray.

Step 5: Setting the Chocolate.

Leave the skewers in the fridge for an hour to set the chocolate.

Step 6: Messages!

Use edible ink pens to write messages on a plain mallow and pop it over the end of the skewer. If you don't want to add a message then don't leave any of the skewer end showing when you first putt the two mallows on.

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