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Would you like to pamper your cat? Well, this is how you do it! Make this super easy and fast cat shelf. And, hang it right next to a window! Your cat will LOVE being in the sun all day. But you will have to get a little creative when it comes to making it possible for your cat to get in and out! It is super comfy and your cat will love it!

PS. Be Creative! :)


two strips of 2 ft. long and 1/2 in. wide leather with clips attached to it

one basket with a handle that should be able to fit your cat and still have more space in the basket

some strong rope to secure it (optional)

a light blanket to make it comfy (optional)

a curtain rod (mine had a curtain already hanging on it)

a in-and-out route (I will show you how I made mine, but mine might not work for you)


Step 1: Gathering Supplies

I got the leather from two girls purses that were unused. The basket I found in my basement and it was 16 in. wide and 13 in. deep. The blanket was in a blanket closet. The curtain rod was in my bed room. It had a curtain on it but that is OK, You do not have to take the curtain off. The rope I just found laying around, just make sure it is a bit bigger then both pieces of leather put together.

Step 2: Assemble

After getting all the supplies, you can start assembling the supplies. First you hang the basket on the curtain rod using the leather. How you do that is you clip the two pieces of leather together and attach them to the basket and the curtain rod. If your cat is a bit heavier, or you want your cat shelf even more secure, you loop the the string around the curtain rod and the basket a few times and tie. Next, to make the shelf more comfy, place the blanket inside.Now, all you have to do is make it possible for you cat to go in and out!

Step 3: Your Cat's Escape Route

Now, it is time to make your cat's escape route. Every room and house is different, so the way I did it may not work for you. My cats escape route was obvious. A shelf was right next to the basket. (If your wondering, no, she could not sit there to watch out the window). So all I did was pulled the basket almost next to the shelf. Ta-DA! Her escape route was made! Now all I had to do was show her she wanted to be in the basket!

Step 4: Convincing

It was very, very simple to convince my cat she wanted to be in the basket. All I had to do was put her on the shelf and then encourage her to get in the basket . Now your finished! Let your furry friend have all the sunlight she/he needs!

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