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Introduction: Cardboard Arcade

I always wanted an arcade machine so I built one of cardboard thats about a foot tall I first made a smaller pacman one that was 9 inches tall but wanted to make another that's bigger.(note:You can't actually play it unless you put a screen in it)

Step 1: Cut Out Sides

You need to start by cutting the main side shape of an arcade machine. After you have got that done you'll need to flip the cardboard over and trace it then cut it out

Step 2: Cut Out Top

Measure the width that you want it to be and then measure length of the sides and draw them on your cardboard then cut out

Step 3: Cut Out Front 1

This part is were you would insert the coin same as the top do the measurements then cut out

Step 4: Cut Out Front 2 and 3

The one on left is were the title will be the one on the right is were joystick and button will be

Step 5: Details

You can use paint for the button unless you have one.For the joystick I painted a bouncy ball red then glued foil around a pencil and put it in the cardboard then I poked the pencil in the bouncy ball and hot glued it the coin slots are foil

Step 6: Glue

Glue each piece together

Step 7: Paint

Paint how ever you like

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    8 years ago

    I think that for the coin slot I'll make a flap on the back to get the "money" back