Caramel Baked Bananas

Introduction: Caramel Baked Bananas

Caramel baked bananas are a staple whenever I go camping! They are easy, tasty and great to warm you on a cold evening. This recipe can also be done in the warm comfort of your own home with these simple steps.



Bananas - firmer bananas require more time and larger bananas can fit more filling.

candy of your choice, chocolates with caramel allow it to live up to its name I personally used curly wurly's as they are thin (easy to fit in the banana) and also they can be bought where I live in the UK however. anything you can fit in will wor amazingly.


Access to an oven or campfire

chopping board

sharp knife

oven gloves

Tinfoil/ Aluminium foil

baking tray

Step 1: Preheat Your Oven to 350f (180C) or a Moderate Oven or Light Your Campfire and Wait Until You Have a Lot of Glowing Embers.

Step 2: Remove Any Stickers That May Be on Your Bananas.

Step 3: Slice Longways Down the Inside of the Banana.

Step 4: Cut the Chocolate Candy of Your Choice So That It Easily Fits Into the Slot You Have Previously Made.

Step 5: Wrap Each Banana in Plenty of Foil, Making Sure All of the Banana Is Covered Completely.

Step 6: Place Your Bananas on a Baking Tray and Put Into the Oven for 10- 15 Minutes Depending on Banana Ripeness.

For campfire cooking, 10 minutes should be your max.

Step 7: Use Oven Mitts or Tongs to Remove Your Baking Tray From the Oven/fire and Leave to Rest for a Few Minutes.

***caution it will be hot***

Step 8: Peel Back the Tinfoil and Use a Spoon to Scope Out the Insides Straight Into Your Mouth!

Extra tasty when served with whipped cream


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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    That looks awesome. Thank you for sharing your amazing idea and good luck in the competition :-)