Candy Marine Ecosystem

Introduction: Candy Marine Ecosystem

Hello! This is how to make a simple version of a marine ecosystem. Hopefully you like this!


- Box (size 3 youth)

- Ruler

- Candy (Maynard's Swedish fish, Swedish berries, Sweetarts and fuzzy peaches)

- Scissors

- Plant Lego (from Minecraft Lego box)

- Tape

- Green rope

- Star shaped stickers

- Blue construction paper

- Fake plants

- Sand

Step 1: Measuring the Box

For step 1 you will be needing:

- Box

- Ruler

For step 1 we need to measure the length and width of the back side and the bottom of your box (you might have to tape your box to keep it straight up). Write down your length and width of your box on a piece of paper.

- Everyone's box will have a different length and width

Step 2: Adding the Water

With the lengths and widths you got from measuring your box find a blue construction paper or cut out a blue construction paper that is the same length and width of your box (the paper might have to be a bit smaller for it to fit right into your box). Once you got the blue paper tape it onto the back of your box like the picture above.

Step 3: Adding the Plants

For this step you will be needing:

- Fake Plants

- Lego Plants

- Green Rope

- Tape

First, we will be adding the plants. Get your fake plants and put them onto the back of your box like that picture above. Next, get your Lego plants and put them near your other plants. After doing that get your rope and cut it into little strings and tape them together like the picture above. Now put them in the box at the back beside the other plants

Step 4: Adding the Coral

For this step we will be needing:

- Maynard's Fuzzy Peaches

- Maynard's Swedish Raspberries

- Yellow Playdoh

First we will start off by making a half circle with playdoh for the base of a coral. With your finger poke holes into your playdoh like the picture above. Now for the next piece of coral we are going to use the candy! First get the Sweetarts and stack them on top of each other in the back of your box. Now get the Maynard's Swedish Raspberries and Fuzzy Peaches and put them beside the yellow coral.

Step 5: Adding the Animals

For this step you will be needing:

- Maynard's Swedish Fish

- Tape

- Star Shaped Stickers

For the first step we will be adding the fish. Get a few fish and put them in the coral because some fish live in coral. Next we will be taping some fish onto the back like there are swimming. After doing that get your star shaped stickers and stick them onto the back

Step 6: The Sand

For this step you will be needing:

- Sand

For tis step all you need to do is pour some sand around the bottom of your box

That is how you make a marine ecosystem with candy.

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