COVID 19 Simplest of Face Shield

Introduction: COVID 19 Simplest of Face Shield


Here is a very simple design to make a face shield.

It only uses one printed part, one standard A4 transparent plastic sheet and whatever you want / have as fixation (elastic band, tissue, cord,...)

No trimming, no cutting, no glue or other parts needed.

Help healthcare workers!


Thomas Schubert

Step 1: Print Parts

I designed it in two sizes but it seems that the medium one fits most.

Print it with the writing upside down. There is a small cleft that has to be on the upper part.

Step 2: Inserting the Screen

You can use those A4 plastic sheets that are used to make syllabus covers, books, etc. Any plastic sheet that is transparent, A4 size, thickness between 200µm and 500µm, no cutting needed.

As you can see on the image, the plastic sheet is wedged on its longest side in the cleft. It is pushed as far as possible.

Easier to start on one side to first slide it in then firmly push it in position.

Step 3: Straps

It is designed to accommodante almost everything: cord, bungee, elastics, straps of fabric, whatever works for you.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 2

    This design does not fit in my printing parameters. I am using a FlashForge Dreamer. Has anyone tried a scaled-down version? I can print it at 81% of it's original size. Is it worth trying to do that, or would it not fit? Thank you.


    Reply 2 years ago

    sorry for my late answer!
    I have not tried. Tthe Medium size fits most people. The problem with scaling down is that de cleft will be smaller as well. A few things that may happen then:
    - it might be difficult to wedge the screen and force it down
    - you may not be able to use thicker sheets (300µm are just great!)
    - you may have to trim the sheet on its side: it was designed to fit an A4 format.

    Thanks for helping the healthcare!!

    Happy printing!