Bring a 8 - Bit Nintendo Game Back From the Dead!!!

Introduction: Bring a 8 - Bit Nintendo Game Back From the Dead!!!

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Ok so i bought my all time favorite NES game, "PIRATES!" and after i hour of playing i decided to save the game...:(
blue screen fail!  A little research revels the game has a dead battery.
    So after a little screaming, i composed myself and said ill just open it up and change the battery ....simple.
Ok so now i realize i need a special screwdriver to open up the cartridge and surprise, surprise. The battery is soldered to the board.
   So now i got three options,
1: remove dead battery re-solder new battery to battery terminals. (pain in the ass, broke off the battery pins trying to pry the battery out)

2: De solder the battery pins from the board with battery attached, replace with battery clip, then just pop in a new one, (DOESNT WORK the NES battery pins are 18 - 21 mm apart the only clips i could find are 20mm and broke the pins off two trying to bend it into place)

3: De solder the battery from the board, replace it with a NES replacement battery! These have the pins already spot welded onto them and fit all NES cartridges. ( This is what ended up doing. )


A Dead NES Game
One CR2032 3 Volt Lithium battery Pre spot welded for NES games
A 3.8mm Security Screwdriver (i got online for 8 bucks)
A De-soldering Iron or just a regular one and some patience (this was a great excuse to buy a De-soldering iron, it worked so well got it for 12 bucks )
Needle nose pliers

i had to give these guys a shout out  its where i got the NES battery and a bunch of clips, BUT the best thing was you get a free atomic fireball with purchase. You guys rock.

Step 2: Step One: Remove Screws Open Case

take your 3.8 mm security screwdriver.
Unscrew the 3 screws, and open it up, it opens from the bottom up there are two clips on the top of the game.
You will see the NES game board. Your dead battery is soldered to the other side.

Step 3: Step Two: De-Solder the Battery

   The battery is connect to with a positive and negative pins each terminal is spot welded to one side or the other on the battery.
   On the back you will see the two pins soldered into place.
I used a de soldering iron, So you just heat it up squeeze all the air out of the bulb and once the solder is liquid suck it up, and then blow the hot solder back out onto another surface not the circuit board, i use a wooden board to do all my soldering.
Then once the solder is removed, You can push pins through the board to loosen it, then pull out the battery.
Your Half Way to sailing the seas of the Caribbean!

(game still works with out a battery just cant save game)

Step 4: Step Four: Solder in New Battery

So after trying the other ways, i bought a battery specifically for NES games. (and got a free atomic fireball)
This fit it great the pin spacing is about 18mm but there was no standard for it so they range from 18 - 21. The spot welded battery terminals on the battery give you enough pin wiggle room to bend one of them i used the positive.
   The Positive is printed on the circuit above the hole with a +l, and the top of the battery is marked positive you can see the positive battery terminal there on top. 
  So now  I used some needle nose pliers , to fold it down in a L  to compensate for the 1 or 2 millimeters needed to fit it into the circuit hole.  This worked a lot better then the battery clips i tried before.
  OK now make sure you got the right pins going into the right holes positive to positive.  negative to negative.
once the pins are through the holes, take out your pliers. and bend the pins down onto the board. Then heat up your solder gun pool alittle solder and work it into place covering the entire pin.
  I thought about gluing the battery into place, but the solder held it in pretty good, and the old battery was held the same way.



And now you can save your adventures, and retire from the pirate life!

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