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Introduction: Bowling Pin Art

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I am always seeing creature in the shapes of everyday items. I found some bowling pins and decided to make a couple.


Bowling pin, spray paint, acrylic paint, paint pens, glue gun and rope for shrun

Step 1: Get to Painting

I found some bowling pins at old second hand and antique shops. Usually they are pretty cheap. I spray them a solid color using krylon paint for all surfaces. I used acrylic paint to rough in the design. You can paint all details with brushes but I find you can really draw details easy with paint pens.

Step 2: Finished Product

When designing think of your shape. I have a tiki lounge and decided to go for a shrunken head and volcano monster. You can do things like cats, snowmen, anything that fits the shape. I used a glue gun and rope to make the shrunken head look like its hair is tied up. Happy crafting.

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