Big Minecraft Car: Week 2

Introduction: Big Minecraft Car: Week 2

About: Minecraft is my medium. Blocks are my tools, and..well thats about it really. Consider me a virtual Minecraft Architect, but otherwise I am but a humble creative freelancer outside the realms of the internet…

This week will be focusing on the bonnet. I do apologize for the delay, exams and all that :P

Step 1: Improvements From Last Time

I have improved the seats, making them more chair-ish, and added 4 more it is now an estate car. Also added more black onto the tyres, making them more bigger.

Step 2: Bonnet (hood) Foundation

Here is the bonnet, remember that you won't see anything in black so no need to be 100% elegant. Started off by adding more layers on bottom and top of foundations, then put in a generic (ha) license plate.

Step 3: Layers Like a Cake

Then add more and more layers into the bonnet/hood, each time losing on or two blocks, and if you make it higher than the middle of the seats. You know you've gone too far.

Step 4: Next Time

Next time will be the last part of the big minecraft car. This will be the big one, finishing off everything so don't miss!

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