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Introduction: Astromech Droid Casting (Omaha Maker Group)

I have been leveling up in a lot of areas, including Analog LED circuits lately.   I thought I would try something a bit more crafty tonight and cast an R2-D2 head from the mold that I have created.    I derived the original Droid from a 3D print I created and cut the head off.

Things Needed:

Smooth-On brand ReoFlex 30 (to create the mold)

Smooth-Cast 300 to cast the part from.

2 hefty brand drinking cups

2 plastic forks

Casting Craft Mold Release

Step 1: Step 1, Prepare the Mold

Make certain that the mold is clean and dry before you begin.   Add mold release agent, allow to dry and then add a second spray, allowing to dry.

Step 2: Step 2, Mix the Smooth-Cast 300

Shake the bottles vigorously.  Mix the Smooth-Cast 300 in 1:1 ration part A to Part B.   Stir with a plastic fork, then pour into the mold.

Step 3: Step 3, Allow to Set Up and Then De-Mold

Allow to set up and then De-Mold.   Give the product about 10 minutes within the mold, and it will heat up and become a solid object.   Wait an extra 5 minutes after it becomes solid and then pull at the edges of the mold to remove the object.

You may now paint the R2-D2 head you have created, enjoy!

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