Arrow Head Necklace/bracelet From Scratch!




Introduction: Arrow Head Necklace/bracelet From Scratch!

Ever wonder how the Native Americans made arrowheads? They probably didn’t use a pocketknife like I did…
Ever want to make a necklace out of an arrowhead?
This DIY is going to show you how to do both!

Materials needed:
Stone or rock 

Step 1: Carving the Rock

Buy or find a soft stone or rock. You can tell how hard a rock is by how easily you can scratch it. If it’s easy to scratch, it’ll be easy to carve into the arrow shape you need. The softer the rock, the easier life is when you try to carve it.

Obviously, the rock you find won’t be as soft as the childhood teddy bear you still have…. Come on, I’m not the only one who couldn’t give up teddy! :p

I also found that making the rock wet also made it easier to carve.
Please be careful when carving, this is the most dangerous part.

I used an old pocketknife and the file attached to it instead of a chisel. I recommend using a chisel if you have one or a flat head screwdriver to reduce the chance of injury. Using a pocketknife is extremely dangerous and stupid on my part. YOLO.

Try to carve the triangular shape of the arrow first, then the two notches in the back. When the triangle is finished, chisel the two long legs the triangle down vertically. This will give your arrow the “rugged” effect of being an authentic arrowhead used by the Native Americans.

Step 2: Tying It Together

This is the simplest part. Tie the arrowhead to a string that you want to use as a necklace or bracelet. I had this string lying around so I thought I’d make it useful for something. If you want to make a bracelet, you probably want to use shorter string.

I recommend using the square knot because you use both ends of the rope to attach to the arrowhead. To tie a square knot, place the right end over the left as if you were tying your shoes. Then take the left and put it over the right (the opposite of what you did in the first step of tying the square knot).

A simple overhand knot will also work if you manage to use both ends.

Step 3: Enjoy

Voilà, you’ve now created your very own arrowhead necklace from scratch! 
Brag about it to all of your friends, and then make them beg to tell you how you did it.

Polish on the arrowhead is also a nice touch.

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Feel free to leave comments below to share what you’ve done with your arrowhead necklaces.

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    This is okay, but honestly, the way most stone arrowheads were made was with chert, obsidian, or flint (a variety of chert). These would then be refined to a point through a process called knapping (using another stone to hit the one you are working hard enough to break off chips, which would form sharp edges and a smooth surface. On stones such as quartz, this ends up just letting you refine it to a shape, but does not give you sharp edges, due to different internal structure of the rock.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    That's beautiful, but must have dulled that knife as bad as breaking it in two. Wish I had time to make that. Fancy ible, have fn wearing it.