Alert When Your Bath Is Drawn

Introduction: Alert When Your Bath Is Drawn

Use your Makey Makey to alert you when your bath is ready!  My program will let you play a custom YouTube song when your bath is ready!  

You will need:

A makey makey
Two 2 foot long alligator clips(should be included with the makey makey)
A bath tub
Less than 2 feet of duct tape
A zip lock bag(or you can destroy the anti-static bag in the kit)
A laptop
The Internet
Good Speakers(optional)

Submitted by Montana Ethical Hackers for the Instructables Sponsorship Program!

Step 1: Align the Alligator Clips

The computer will not play music unless the water is touching BOTH alligator clips.  Therefore you must place your alligator clips at the height you want the water to be at when you are alerted to take your bath.

I use duct tape for this purpose.  Some duct tape is better at resisting water than other duct tape.  I use "DUCK tape" brand.  It works well.

Tape your alligator clips at the height you want the water to be at when you get an alert(Pic 1)

Step 2: Set Up the Splash Shield and Makey Makey.

I used a zip lock bag for this purpose.  

Punch one alligator clip through the bag from the outside.
Gently push in the other clip(pic 2) and the small end of the USB cable(pic 3) through the same hole.
Wrap duct tape around the hole to prevent it from tearing any bigger(pic 4).  Try to seal the hole up against water while you're at it.
Clip one alligator clip to any spot on the "Ground" (pic 5)
Clip the other alligator clip to the "SPACE" location (pic 6) 
Plug the small USB cable into your makey makey (no pic)
Zip up the bag (pic 7)
Tape the zip lock bag assembly to the outside of the tub(pic 8).

Step 3: Set Up My Program

Plug the USB cable into your laptop.  Don't worry, this level of electricity cannot kill you(even with water involved).  You should see the makey makey cycle through a light show.

Download my super-simple javascript program, unzip it and open it.  

Give the system a test while you watch it...  Just to make sure it's working.  Now would be a good time to plug in your speakers if you have any.

The web page should automatically transfer to your Youtube of choice.  The default choice is the "Rubber Ducky" song by Ernie from sesame st.

I provide NO WARRANTY with this software or hardware(express or implied).  It works, but that doesn't mean it will work with 100% of the people who try this.  At least do a test run before trusting your carpet to my experiment.  Oh!  That's the bath time sound!  Later!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not a bad start - but what about bath water temp??!!! ;-)