Advanced Engineering Apparatus COVID-19

Introduction: Advanced Engineering Apparatus COVID-19

Purpose: Prevent glasses to fog up while wearing a mask.


  • Surgical mask
  • Cotton mask (must have 2 layers)
  • Tissue paper or paper towel
  • 1 safety pin

Step 1: Using a Disposable Mask

Take the paper towel about 12 inches

Step 2:

Fold paper towel in 7 folds.

Step 3:

Place the paper towel on the metal part of the surgical mask.

Step 4:

Put the mask with the paper towel on your face.

Step 5: Using a Cotton Mask

Take the paper towel and fold in 7 folds as shown for the disposable mask.

Step 6:

Place the paper towel on the top part of the mask, making an arch, and use the safety pin to pin the paper towel to the mask.

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