3D Printing a Pimp Daddy Ring As a Father's Day Gift

Introduction: 3D Printing a Pimp Daddy Ring As a Father's Day Gift

About: Based in San Francisco I strive to incorporate custom lettering in the art that I design, print, and make.

I printed this ring for a fathers day gift idea. After finding the ring on thingiverse.com I used the customizer app and changed the text to "PiMP" on the front of the ring. The inscription on the inside of the ring (on the bottom inside edge) reads "daddy". I think it was a great idea for a father's day gift idea.  

total print time took about 27 minutes
In this instructable I am going to review

1) the model from thingiverse.com
2) The model download options
3) the view of the print control window while printing
4) the print process
5) final printing success

TIP: If the ring does not print perfectly and has any stray PLA hairs they are more than likely to scratch anyone who attempts to put on the ring. You can sand PLA to smooth areas that are sharp.

I made it at Techshop http://techshop.ws
Submitted by SFlettering for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

Step 1: Model STL Digital View

The Model is online at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:103528

Here you can see the view of the model in digital format. From this view in KiSSlicer you also have several options in the settings area for optimizing your print quality. Here you can see the model, but you would need to zoom in a little bit from this view to be able to see the writing more clearly.

Step 2: Files for Ring Creation

After using the thingiverse.com customizer app to make a custom PiMP Daddy ring and posting it online at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:103528 now anyone can view the files, reprint the ring, or use the customizer app to make a custom version for themselves. 

In the image you can see the ring has 2 files that are created when you customize the model

1) just the inscription that you made and it only shows the letters
2) the full STL file for printing that includes all necessary information

From this point you would choose to download the model in STL format for opening in KiSSlicer where you can slice the model and save it for printing with control panel software pronterface to print on a Type A Machines Series 1 3D Printer.

Step 3: Print Path for 3D Printer in Pronterface

Here is an image from the view in Pronterface (the print control software when printing on Type A Machines 3D Printer at TechShop SF)

You can see 2 pieces of information. 

1) On the left you can see the print path that the nozzle will take when first starting the print, while printing, and after printing.
2) On the right you can see several updates about the current nozzle temperature while it gets to the right print setting at 185 C

TIP: The nozzle temperature is not set exactly and will need to overshoot its target sometimes to get to the right constant temperature before starting the print.

Step 4: Starting the Print: What to Watch for When Starting to Print

When starting a 3D print there are several simple things to notice that when in place are good indicators that your entire print will turn out well. 

1) that the outside ring was printed in tact and without any stray PLA strands attached to the main print area
2) the bottom layers are adhering properly and there are no stray PLA strands on the inside or the outside of the ring
3) that the current layer is going on well and properly adhering to the print surface of the previous layer.

TIP: For best final results watch the start of the print process carefully to find early errors and reduce wasted printing time on a less than acceptable print. (Bad printing results accounted for 15-30% of my early print time while learning how to use the machine and attempting to print new models.)

Step 5: More Than 50% Complete - Check Print Consistency Between Layers

As the ring nears the 50-70% completion range you can see the consistent quality and the shape of the ring start to take place. You can also see that as the ring continues to print that the layers are adhering well and starting to produce the thin back area and the thick front area that will have the letters.

Step 6: Final 3D Printed "PiMP Daddy" Ring Close Up

As the print ends you can view the final print and get a good idea of the quality level to expect. 
A few words about 3D print quality to help makers evaluate their work

1) Are there any stray strands of PLA that can cut or scratch a wearer
2) Will the ring fit (I did not use calipers to compare predicted print size with a traditional size chart)
3) if the print completes the first few layers without errors you are more than 50% likely to get a great final print.

TIP: In this step you can also view a close up of the Printed PLA to see the PLA hairs that are thin enough to pull off and will not be likely to scratch the wearer.

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