3D Printed Cookie Cutter / Playdoh Mold From Photo

Introduction: 3D Printed Cookie Cutter / Playdoh Mold From Photo

Watching my kids frosting cookies one day, I thought it would be fun to make a mold with their faces on it so that they can paint these cookies afterwards.  So I set out to make a 3d printed cookie mold from their picture.  

Step 1: Photoshop the Image

1.  Basically I took the image of my little girl and I cropped it in photoshop.
2.  Then I made it grayscale, and played around with the contrast and brightness.
3.  Lastly, I "posterized" it into setting 2 so that the image is now black and white.

Step 2: Illustrator Outline

Then I took the image to illustrator and did a live trace.  You need to play around with this, the setting depends on how detail you want.  

Step 3: 3d Modeling

The last step you will need a little bit of knowledge in 3d Modeling software.  I used Rhino, imported the illustrator file (I exported as dxf), offset, extrude and gave the piece a base.  

Finally step is to export it into stl file and print from any 3d printer of your choice.  

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