1940 Radio Computer Case




Introduction: 1940 Radio Computer Case

1940's TRUETONE radio. Removed radio parts, refinished the wood and hardware. Installed a DVD/RW, modified and installed a Compaq computer chassis. Mounted a 120MM cooling fan where the speaker use to be. The on/off and tuning knobs are now push button controlling on/off functions and reset. Installer yellow LED lights to illuminate the dial face - gives it a nice golden glow like the original. The two small holes above the speaker opening are the power and HD activity lights. Unit has a full size power supply and micro-ATX motherboard and an extra cooling fan in the rear. All modifications were TRIAL and ERROR - measure, measure, cut. The unit was fully functional and I used it daily for a couple of years.

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    6 years ago

    I love to repurpose Antique Items, the Steampunk Movement is right up my alley! I have a car that appears to be nothing but junk, extra Exhaust Chambers makes it very stealth and quiet. No one would suspect a 1956 Mercedes, Diesel, four door with a Modified Chevrolet S10 Frame and suspension! I 'put put' all around town and everyone thinks it's just a Clunker! This Hack/Repurpose is exactly like my Car, runs like new, no one wants it and only I know what is really working for me! My girlfriend is really freaked out by it . She doesn't understand why it is so comfortable, Air Conditioning, Am/Fm/CD, Air SUspension and gets GREAT Mileage. It is old, rusty, still has the mercedes Wheels and Hubcaps and the exhaust is a Single Large Pipe that is very quiet! 'Stealthy', just like this Instructable, I love it!